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School Transport


Transportation Services: Khalsa School operates a bus system that safely transports students to and from school.


Requesting Student Bus Services: To make use of Khalsa School’s Bus Services please see the Khalsa School Transportation Office.


School Bus Safety and Etiquette: To ensure the safety of themselves and others, all Khalsa School bus riders must comply with Khalsa School Bus Code of Conduct. Failure to adhere to these rules and regulations will result in a loss of transportation services.


Parents are responsible for supervising their children while they are waiting for the bus. Weather and traffic conditions may vary and cause occasional delays to the bus service. If your child does not intend to ride his or her normal route to or from school a note must be provided to your child’s classroom teacher at the start of the school day.


Student Bus Service Rates: The rates for bus services vary according to the Khalsa School Campus your child attends.


Bus Service Schedule and Timings: For more information on specific bus schedules and timings please ask the Khalsa School Transportation Office. While we make every effort to accommodate each request for pick-up locations we regret to inform you that we may not always be able to provide a door-to-door service due to scheduling restrictions.