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Principal’s Message

Welcome To Khalsa Primary School

Principal’s Message

Our commitment at Khalsa Primary is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment that empowers students to become innovative and creative thinkers, that can solve the problems of the 21st century. Being an independent school, we maintain high standards and expectations for our students in regards to their academic performance, religious learning and co-curricular participation.

I firmly believe that it is possible to have strong educational programme that is fun, community centered and enjoyable. Learning can and must be fun! At Khalsa School Primary we strive to create an atmosphere of joy, of community and of inspiration. We wish for our students to feel fully involved in their educational journeys. When our students are involved in the educational process, they feel empowered, and when they feel empowered they succeed.

An important part of what makes Khalsa Primary unique is our focus on community outreach, extracurricular activities and community engagement. We believe that from a very early age students can attune themselves to the values civic service, of pluralism, of compassion and empathy. Through our many programmes, activities and clubs including as our various Food Drives, Bake Sales, Fundraisers, our Me to We Club, and Environmental Awareness Campaigns we strive to instill the value of community engagement and service to humanity, both of which are key characteristics of global citizenship.

At Khalsa Primary School we encourage our students to push the boundaries of their intellectual horizons, to challenge their minds and to learn about themselves and others. We expose them to new and exciting areas of knowledge in a way that excites and stimulates their passions. Learning must also mirror the diversity of the classroom. Students are individuals, and they learn in different ways, our teachers make every effort to use a variety of different teaching methods to ensure that every child can learn. The addition of a brand-new sensory room is just one example. Filled with tactile and sensory materials this room allows students who may encounter difficulty in a traditional classroom setting, to explore concepts and knowledge in peace but also in a deeply tactile and physical manner.

As the saying goes, team work makes the dream work! The strength of our programme depends entirely on our ability to work together as a community. We are fortunate in that our parents, teachers and staff remain committed to ensuring our students have the best education possible.

Welcome to Khalsa Primary and I strongly encourage you to come visit our campus, meet our teachers and come see our students in action! My door is always open and I would warmly welcome the opportunity to meet with you, and hear any suggestions you may have.


Mrs. Satinder Bhatia

Vice-Principal Khalsa Primary School

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