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Principal’s Message

Welcome To Khalsa School Newton (Elementary)

Principal’s Message

As a former student, teacher and now current administrator at Khalsa School, I have grown up immersed in the Khalsa School community. It is a community which values diversity, which remains committed to providing an excellent education to its students, and which is a community which has become my second family.

At Khalsa School we believe that education is the key to a brighter future, a brighter future not just for the students at our schools but for the communities and families from which they come. In a world as challenging as ours, there remains a profound need for well-educated leaders, who are both rooted in the traditions from which they come and who are also global citizens – able to understand and solve the problems that face societies today.

We seek to provide our students with an education that goes beyond excellence in academic programming. The school believes that Every Child Can Learn; hence, we provide equitable access to learning through our Special Education(SPED). This includes program services for learning, behaviour, health and sensory challenges of students.
Through our Religious Studies Department, we work to expose our students to the values and principles of the Sikh faith, principles of service, of respect, of compassion and justice. These principles while grounded in the heritages of our students also have global resonance across peoples of all faiths and backgrounds.

At Khalsa School your child will be nurtured, will be cared for and will be provided with the environment they need to succeed. We hope that having graduated from Khalsa School they will look back upon their experience as a time of learning, but also as a time of immense happiness in which they formed lifelong friendships, and experienced immense growth and success.

Miss Jagir Bajwa
Khalsa School Newton (Elementary)

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