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S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). Education is a new approach to teaching that allows children to explore the exciting world of curiosity, problem solving, and creativity. Traditional courses like science and math are incorporated into hands on activities that allow the student to take the lead in hands on based learning that allows for in depth understanding and big picture connections.

Makerspace, as a creative area, hits all of the big ideas for students in the section “Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies” section of the BC IRP for all grade levels from 2 to 7.

Primary students have worked on designing a dream house out of a variety of different make and break materials. Intermediate students have been exploring different technologies. some students have used the Bloxels materials and app to design and program their own side scrolling video game, used the Little Bits to create original, self powered vehicles. In addition, some classes worked on designing an optimum sail car that they could race to see who had the best design, and an extension of self powered cars was explored by using miniature Hexbug vibrating robots and lego.

The Makerspace provides an area for students to explore their creativity and problem solving skills independently or in groups. In order to foster cooperation and strategy building, we include a lunch time space for grade 6 and 7 to play a variety of cooperative and competitive strategy based games. Each year, we work to expand and improve the makerspace, introducing new and exciting materials for students to explore, allowing them to acquire new skills with multiple tools and technologies.

Click on one of the videos below…

Hexbug powered lego car
little bits car and trailer
Car and Trailer Little bits
Creating with little bits
designing sail car
grade 7 strategy based gaming
hexbug maze
king of tokyo
Lego Wall
townhome design straws and connectors