Who We Are

Vision, Mission, and Values


Wisdom is to be noble, kind to all, and to serve selflessly.


With Guruji’s KIRPA, the Satnam Education Society of B.C. is dedicated to operating Sikh Independent Schools in a financially prudent manner with a focus on:

  • providing the foundation for an understanding and the practice of Sikh Way of Life;
  • Kirtan, Tabla, and other traditional instruments;
  • above average academic studies;
  • strong participation based sports program; and
  • all-around development of the whole child.


We encourage our students to demonstrate:

  • positive self-image;
  • personal and social responsibility;
  • self-motivation and self-direction;
  • constructive and cooperative work;
  • critical, creative, and flexible thinking;
  • well-developed communication skills;
  • innovative and adaptable problem solving 
  • respect and tolerance for all.