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Khalsa School Surrey and Khalsa School Mission are learning institution unique in following the values and traditions of the Sikh way of life handed down nearly 500 years ago. We encourage our students to strive to foster both academic and religious development of knowledge, skills, attitudes, a sense of self-worth and self-reliance that enable them to meet the challenge of the future. Our blend of academic and spiritual education is a crucial aspect of our journey of life. We have received this human life after a long journey, with our ultimate purpose one of going back to God.

In Gurbani Guru Ji says:

The goal of the Religion Department of Khalsa School is to spread the Sikh Relgion and we are doing that by teaching Gurbani, Kirtan and Punjabi to our students, and by holding religious camps during the year all over North America. We focus on the spiritual, physical and mental development of the children to make them well rounded individuals. You will find many good academic institutions around the world but Khalsa School is one of a kind. Khalsa School is a magnificent place for the beginning of a nation of Sikhs.

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