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You have a lot of choices in life and the school you choose for your children is a pretty important one!

We believe that in partnership with parents, our responsibility as educators is to develop students from the inside out. So in age appropriate ways: we focus on their spiritual identity as Sikhs. It’s not about academic excellence that will determine the quality of life of the child (although important); it’s a whole-person perspective that builds a strong sense of identity, morality, and self-discipline. It can be a great comfort to parents knowing that their child’s day spent at school supports what is also valued at home. At Khalsa School, we understand the importance of your child experiencing consistency and continuity as they develop their personality along with their skills and talents. We think Khalsa School is a special place to be and are honoured you are considering joining our school family.

Although many of our students follow the Sikh faith or have a heritage traced back to India, we welcome all children regardless of their backgrounds or faiths and we aim to help all our children develop a lifelong love of learning, which will support them throughout their academic careers and beyond.

Pick up a registration folder available at any campus’ office or download it here.

You will need:
  1. The latest report card for each student (except kindergarten)
  2. Copy of the birth certificate for each child
  3. Immunization record
  4. Registration fee ($95 per student)

Once you have completed all attached registration forms:

  1. Drop them off at the appropriate campus office
  2. Staff will contact you if further information, an interview, or admission test is needed
  3. Upon acceptance, pay tuition and fees
  4. Welcome to Khalsa School!

Note: Students must have their fifth birthday before December 31st of their Kindergarten year to be eligible for the government grant money.

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