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Khalsa School follows the BC Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines. Our elementary grades focus on building strong reading, writing, and speaking skills in English as well as math numeracy skills. Punjabi instruction starts at Kg and goes all the way to the Grade 12 level. We teach French starting in Grade 5 and continuing on in high school, similar to what the public schools do.

Khasla Secondary School, KSS, offers a wide range of courses including a full regiment of Science courses (Chemistry, Physics, Biology), advanced Math courses (Foundations, Pre-Calculus, Calculus), higher level Humanities classes such as Civilizations and History, PE up to the grade 12 level including Fitness and use of our weight room, Woodworking, Foods and Textiles in our new applied skills wing, Theatre Production in our state-of-the-art auditorium, and Sikh Studies courses of Kirtan, Tabla, Gatka, Gurmat, Santhya along with daily Gurdwara assemblies.

Our teachers are certified by the BC Teacher Regulation Branch, with many hold advanced diplomas and degrees. Professional development takes place throughout the year to keep our staff current on educational trends, programs and issues.

Khalsa School is operated by the regulated charity of Satnam Education Society of B.C.

With Guruji's KIRPA, the Satnam Education Society of B.C. is dedicated to operating Sikh Independent Schools in a financially prudent manner with a focus on:

  • providing the foundation for an understanding and the practice of Sikh Way of Life;
  • Kirtan, Tabla, and other traditional instruments;
  • above average academic studies;
  • strong participation based sports program; and
  • all-around development of the whole child.

Our elementary grades focus on building strong reading, writing, and speaking skills in English as well as numeracy skills. read more

Khalsa School Surrey and Khalsa School Mission are learning institutions unique in following the values and traditions of the Sikh way of life handed down nearly 500 years ago. read more

At Khalsa School, we believe that Every Child Can Learn. read more

Being involved in school performances, competitions and sports teams greatly enhances a child’s school experience and creates lifelong memories. read more

Khalsa School is a community of individuals working together to create an exceptional educational environment. read more

Khalsa School is a proud member of the Associate Member Group (AMG) of the Federation of Independent Schools of BC (FISA BC). read more

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Monday to Friday
7:30am to 4:30pm

General inquires - info@khalsaschool.ca

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