Our Philosophy

Key Principles

At Khalsa School, our aim is to provide an excellent quality of education for all our students. It is our firm belief that every student can learn regardless of their circumstance. Living up to this ideal requires that we at Khalsa School have a holistic approach to education that will stand the test of time. In keeping with our principle of lifelong learning, we understand that approaches to education will evolve, both as the world changes and as we continually encounter new and best pedagogical practices.

Developing ethical students who excel in and outside the classroom and who are grounded in the traditions and heritages from which they come, requires rooting our educational approach in several key principles. These principles include providing an education that is globally relevant, exposing our students to interdisciplinary learning, teaching curricula that is ‘concept based and competency driven,’ encouraging learning that is student centered, and constantly reinforcing the importance of a growth mindset while using the Government of British Columbia’s Redesigned Curricula.